Award Night Photos

Here are a selection of some of our photos from our award nights. Please click on the picture for a full size version.

2007 Awards (Fancy Dress)

Chales Walsh holding his Spring shield and Championship Shield

Charles Walsh recieving his championship 2007 winner trophy

Carol recieving her chapionship womens 2007 trophy

Charles Walsh being presented the Chamionship shield

Chris Fultcher being presented his second place championship trophy

Adrian Weaver being presented the third place championship trophy

Alan Perkins being presented the first place vetrans championship trophy

Tony Hollins being presented the second place vetrans championship trophy

Ray being presented the third place vetrans championship trophy

Tony dressed as a surfer

Chris and Kyle.

Steve and his wife

Alan Perkins

Nige looking hot (dog)

group photo

The girls

Even SuperMan can txt.

Gareth Ayres with a new hair style

Would you trust that nurse?

I think the nurse is about to blow...

Alan, John and Tony.

2006 Awards

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