1 Mile Challenge
1st January to 31st January

5 Mile Challenge
1st February to 28th February

50 Miles Challenge
1st March to 31st March

Tonmawr Hilly 5
30th April to 3rd May – 5 Miles

Margam Mountain
1st June to 30th June – 10 Miles

PTH Half Marathon
1st July to 31st July

RUN4ALL – 5K Series Route
August T.B.C

Afan Argoed
1st September to 30th September – 9 Miles

Smallwood Road Challenge
1st October to 31st October

Richard Burton 10k
5th November to 8th November

PTH 5K Time Trial
1st January to 27th November

PTH Tempo Route
The Beach – 10k – 1st January to 27th November

PTH Tempo Route
The Quays – 5 Miles – 1st January to 27th November


  • To qualify you have to be a fully paid up member.
  • Your best 8 results will be calculated to give your final score.
  • For most of these races you will have a month to complete and submit your fastest results at the end of the month so you will all have a chance to improve your first effort on the course.
  • 3 of our events will run from the 1st January to the 27th November so you will be able to track your progress throughout the year.
  • More information on the routes will be available soon – we will also attempt to mark the start and finish to each route if allowed.
  • When submitting your results, please submit your elapsed time and NOT your moving time. This means your total time of your run including anytime that you have stopped your watch – Thank You!



Download Championship Races 2020 [PDF]


2018 Championship Points Update

Updated March 7 2018