Based in the local YMCA, the club was founded in 1921 and was then known as Port Talbot YMCA Harriers.

Under the guidance of Arthur Williams the Harriers were ranked third best club in Wales for many years. One of the early stars was long distance runner Ike O’Brien.

Early in 1961, after being denied the facilities of the YMCA, Arthur led a movement to form an independent club. At a public meeting held in the Municipal Buildings on February 9th, 1961 Port Talbot Harriers & Athletic Club was born.

Then based in Dyffryn Grammar School, the winning tradition was carried on from father to son when, within a few days of the formation of the new club, Jim O’Brien won the Welsh Cross Country Championship at Seven Sisters.

An enthusiastic administrator, Arthur Williams was President of the Welsh AAA for seventeen years and remained a leading light at the Port Talbot club right up until his death at the age of 90 in 1983.


Port Talbot Harriers Centenary 1921-2021

PTH Centenary

Port Talbot Harriers celebrated their centenary on 15th October 2021.

An overview of the decades:

Looking back at the 1920s

Looking back at the 1930s

Looking back at the 1940

Looking back at the 1950s

Looking back at the 1960s

Looking back at the 1970s

Looking back at the 1980s

Looking back at the 1990s

Looking back at the 2000s

Looking back at the 2010s

100 Years Book

100 Years of Port Talbot Harriers - Book Launch

To celebrate our centenary, our club President John Davies (pictured above with Jim O’Brien) has written a book about the club’s 100 year history which is available to buy on Amazon:

100 Years of Port Talbot Harriers (1921-2021) by John Davies